• What is Myrtle Light

What is Myrtle Light

It’s a interdisciplinary way of holistically approaching, activating and developing sexuality.

Modern world and everyday life create problems in sexual life.

With this natural method you will discover your lost sexuality and new aspects of it, to ultimate achieve total happiness and wellbeing.

Who is this method for?

Everyone it appeals to both men and women, regardless of gender, age or sexual identity.

Myrtle Light increases energy, detoxifies, offers wellness, increases sexual mood and performance, awakens eroticism and maximizes pleasure by engaging the senses.

Everybody can do it:

you need to give time and space for your Life,

for a better life, for your Wellness.

Myrtle Light method is first applied at your place of residence or stay.

Later depending of the selected {treatment}, you can continue from anywhere you live.

So a short stay in Greece is not a problem!

Live a unique experience on your own!

Discover a new level of sensuality and see life different-as long as you are “open” to the bright side of it!

This will be enough for you to have your most erotic vacation and make a fresh start.

With Myrtle Light you will relax, fill up your energy, have fun, feel your love and connection like never before!

This method will make you see the truths that keep you together, boost your libido and renew your relationship at the prospect of a superior sex life.

Construct a Personalized Program of Rejuvenation

There is a large variety of different modalities – from allopathic to emotional, from surgery to energy balancing – to see which treatment will best suit the patient.

Are you in Mykonos!!!!

In Mykonos the Myrtle Light will give you the most beautiful and Powerful experience.
Sex is energy, Delos give energy. Let's learn to enjoy better sex !!!
You can take the energy of Delos with you!!!
It is a unique experience that is important to try before leaving Greece!!!
Dare to have better sex and enjoy more and more...
See the Light and Treat Your self

You can have the adequate time you need and safe space to process personal and sexual issues.
Myrtle Light provides therapy to individuals and couples to resolve challenges with:
  • Sexual identity
  • Sexual expression
  • Desire
  • Arousal
  • Pain
  • Compatibility
  • Redefining sex in the context of changing health or illness (pregnancy, aging, cancer, chronic pain, etc).
Our Sexologist Ms. Myrtle advocates for diversity and is kink-friendly. She loves promoting sex positivity and teaching about how the mind and body interact to create the sexual experience. Her mantra is "You deserve a healthy and happy sexuality!"
Thrive through your sexual life , not suffer
we show the way to WELLNESS
to Take Better Care of Yourself...
to Set Up new Goals...
to gain Well-being, Welfare, Prosperity