Rejuvenate Your Life
    Sexual Wholeness and Wellness

Α holistic method for improving sexuality and find Wellness

  • Its principle is the holistic approach
  • Its goal is for people to get to know their body, because the only path for a true presence in life is through the body
  • To gain freedom and experience their desires
  • To open up their body to the wild creations of their mind and to increase sexual intimacy.
  • Let your body talk while you learn the ways that you and your partner can enjoy each other to the max.
  • For more real connection in your relationship(s)
  • Suitable for singles and couples and anyone that wants to unblock their sensuality

The goal of the Myrtle Light

- More energy and more health for the body -
- Α deeper connection with ourselves and with others -
- An increased capacity for intimacy and sex -

The Twelve Elements

...to Integrity Soul

Care Packages

...the way to Wellness